Zero-Knowledge Warsaw

We usually meet once per month somewhere in Warsaw (Poland) to exchange about zero-knowledge proofs (aka ZK, ZKP).

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Recent Meetups

6 June 2023

Implementing elliptic curves

Marek Kirejczyk

8 May 2023

Kate-Zaverucha-Goldberg (KZG) polynomial commitment scheme

Rafał aka 0xrafal

13 Apr 2023

Recap and insights from zkLisbon

9 Mar 2023

Scaling Ethereum with zkRollups

Orest Tarasiuk

31 Jan 2023

Intro to SNARKs, part II

Michał Zając

2 Jan 2023

Intro to SNARKs, part I

Michał Zając

1 Dec 2022